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Dr. M.T. "Mike" Resch a.k.a. "MTR"

"I'm a #Catholic #Folk #SingerSongwriter Inspired by Jesus' Teaching in Matthew's Gospel 10:42 to give "a cup of cold water" to the least of the brethren for the brethren's sake. To that end I have Recorded an Album Titled: "A Cup of Cold Water - Catholic" Copyrighted Effective 2/9/17 to Give Away for Free to Anyone who is Searching for the Truth. You can Preview/Download that Album for Free on this Website" MTR

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Mission Statement 5/5/22

"The Mission of MTR, Inc. is: First, "To Spread the Gospel to All Nations" using Digital Media (e.g., Audio Albums and Videos). Second, to use my Social Media Accounts (e.g., Twitter; MTR (@MikeResch) & MTR, Inc. (@MTRinc2) and Facebook; Michael Resch | Facebook (@MichaelReschMusic) & Unofficial: MTR (@MTRsPlace)) plus my Web Sites; Resch.com, Music | MTR, and my YouTube site Michael Resch - YouTube to continue to give Free Access and Downloads of "A Cup of Cold Water - Catholic" as well as to Distribute New Material that I am Inspired to create for All who are interested. Finally, to play Contemporary Christian Music using my voice and my guitars, "St. Camillus" & "St. Peter", Live in Hospice Settings in order to Minister to the Spiritual Needs of all the Individuals who reside there." MTR

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"My Biography for the Six Careers which I have Experienced so far in my Life: 1) Music Ministry, 2) Undergraduate & Graduate School, 3) Research Scientist, 4) University Professor, 5) President of "Resch Engineering, Inc.", and 6) Daubert-Qualified Expert Witness in Medical Product Liability Litigation"

Old Viking Proverb: "Anything that doesn't Kill you outright Always makes you Stronger"

First things First

"If you don't already have the iTunes App for your System the best thing to do before you Download my Album is to first Google "iTunes" for the OS you're using and Download that for free, then you're ready to make iTunes your default Music Player and then Download the Album in AIFF or MP3 Format if you intend to import it into iTunes" MTR

U.S. Copyright for: "A Cup of Cold Water - Catholic" by MTR, Effective: 2/9/17

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